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MS Scout LogoMustard Seed Scout (Saint George Agouza Coptic Orthodox Church):

Saint George Scout, an idea that was initiated and came to real world in 2011. The flame of this idea was lighted by the spiritual and self-development principles that the Scout movement embraces and provides. 

Saint George Scout team started with 11 leaders in Saint George Agouza church. The small group was led, and still being led, by the leaders of Saint Mark Scout Group, which is a member in the Egyptian Scout Federation. They assist on providing the needed leadership and scout courses to deliver the suitable skills to the leaders of Saint George Scout.

On July 2012, our Scout started to welcome the first cubs team, which is a team of primary school scouts. Since then, the scout group is increasing every year with fresh cubs becoming part of the team.

Mustard Seed Scout was our name that we chose since the start of that group, as it represents our dream for this small team to become a great tree that will serve the church and the community. Exactly like the tiny mustard seed that becomes the biggest tree when it dies inside the soil.


Scout and Christianity

Scout and Christianity:

The Scout movement that was founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1907, was originally established upon the values and the ethics of Christianity. 

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The Scout Principles

The Scout Principles:

Duty to God:

A person’s relationship with the spiritual values of life, the fundamental belief in a force above mankind.

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